• Made with a stave from a renowned distillery out of the Kentucky bourbon trail!

  • Distilleries include Makers Mark, Heaven Hill, and Jack Daniels.

  • Mounting holes are 32" apart for convenient mounting to wall studs.  The full stave measures 35” long and between 2.5”-4” wide

  • Each is given 3 coats of gloss polyurethane to create a finish that matches the shine your instruments!

  • Screws and black wooden buttons are included!

  • Holds two guitars, basses, violins, mandolins, banjos, or ukuleles

    -Full Stave without bung hole *can be customized - message us before ordering
    -Full Stave with bung hole (the bung hole is where they dump bourbon from, so there is only one stave like this on each barrel)

Whiskey Barrel Stave 2 Guitar Hanger

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    1. Find studs in the wall that you plan to mount to. Standard studs are 16" apart, so one will be in-between the two you mount into.
    2. Hold the guitar holder on the wall with one of the mounting holes over the center of the stud. When it's where you want it, measure from the cieling down to the hole and mark the wall in that spot.
    3. With the guitar holder on a flat surface, put the 2" screws provided, into 1/4" into each mounting hole to get them started.
    4. Place the guitar holder back on the wall and drill the screw through your mark, into the stud.
    5. As you hold the other side up, measure down the same distance from the cieling and/or put a level on the middle of the guitar holder to ensure that it is level.
    6. When drilling both screws, make sure that you constantly feel tension as it drills into the wall. If it goes in too easy, you may have missed the stud.
    7. Black Buttons: These are meant to be tight. If they don't press in by hand, simply get it started, cover button with a cloth, and lightly hit with a hammer or mallet.